How to improve your Average Upgrade Revenue

How to improve your Average Upgrade Revenue


The Average Upgrade Revenue measures how much revenue you capture in relation to all upgrades you have in the queue. If you want to improve your Average Upgrade Revenue Index, here are some useful tips:


  • Look a few days ahead for any larger requests- these of course can impact your RRR a lot. Aside from clicking ahead in the calendar, you can also use the Activity Report to check on future requests: 


 Just select the time range and review the pending requests for the upcoming days and weeks. This report can also be downloaded to Excel.

  • Make sure the queue is checked before your team balances the house. eStandby helps you identifying guests that are willing to pay for an upgrade, so upgrade these guests first before you start handing out upgrades complimentary.
  • There are requests for a category that is already blocked by another guest? No problem! Consider giving the guest that currently blocks the requested category a free upgrade, so that you can award the other guest. In the end, you create a Win-Win-Win-situation- one guest is happy because he got a free upgrade, one got his eStandby-upgrade, and you generated additional revenue for the hotel!
  • Check the queue 2-3 days in advance to award requests in the Upsell Manager.
  • For any pending requests, Nor1 will send you a reminder on the day of arrival. Don’t wait for these reminders, but proactively award guests beforehand.
  • Ensure there are high value upgrades (Premium Suites, One-Bedroom Suites) to contribute high incremental revenue to increase Average Upgrade Revenue


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