How to decrease your Expired Revenue Rate

  • How to decrease your Expired Revenue Rate


Expired Revenue is revenue from requests that were neither awarded nor denied. This means a guest was willing to spend more money at your property, but nobody actioned the request. To avoid any Expired Revenue, here are some tips:


  • Make sure there is someone at your hotel every day to action any requests
  • Create a sense of accountability- decide on 2-3 award managers that mainly manage the requests
  • Check the queue at least 2-3 days in advance to award requests in the Upsell Manager.
  • For any pending requests, Nor1 will send you a reminder on the day of arrival. Don’t wait for these reminders, but proactively award guests beforehand.
  • Add the checking of the queue to the daily front office shift checklists, so that the team keeps the Upsell Manager in their mind.
  • If you use Opera and have the Nor1 OXI, turn-on automatic awarding to allow the system’s advanced functionality to maximize awarded revenue and reduce expired revenue on an automated basis.



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