How to improve your Request Prioritization process

  • How to improve your Request Prioritization process

The Request Prioritizations are your decisions on the requests you have in the queue and the revenue that is attached to these requests. Here are some tips to improve your Request Prioritization:

  • Regardless whether you use the Guest Oriented View or the Inventory Oriented View, requests will be sorted from top (Highest Revenue Contribution) to bottom (Lowest Revenue Contribution):




When going through the requests and deciding what to award, go through the list from top to bottom and try to award the highest categories first.

  • There are requests for a category that is already blocked by another guest? No problem! Consider giving the guest that currently blocks the requested category a free upgrade, so that you can award the other guest. In the end, you create a Win-Win-Win-situation- one guest is happy because he got a free upgrade, one got his eStandby-upgrade, and you generated additional revenue for the hotel!


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