How to Award Further Ahead of Arrival

How to Award Further Ahead of Arrival:

The earlier you are on top of your queue for any upcoming days the better- below a few suggestions to increase your Awarded DBA score:


  • Ensure every day someone can check the queue for any requests in the system.
  • Check the queue 2-7 days in advance to award requests in the Upsell Manager.
  • For any pending requests, Nor1 will send you a reminder on the day of arrival. Don’t wait for these reminders, but proactively award guests beforehand.
  • Add the checking of the queue to the daily front office shift checklists, so that the team keeps the Upsell Manager in their mind.
  • Make sure the queue is checked before your team balances the house. eStandby helps you identifying guests that are willing to pay for an upgrade, so upgrade these guests first before you start handing out upgrades complimentary.


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