Take advantage of the eStandby Upgrade Revenue. We tell you how!



  Create Meaningful Offers to Engage Your Guest

  • Drive value: Evaluate the quality of your hotel offers to drive conversion rates early in the booking
  • Add-ons: leverage desirable features built into the hotel but not the PMS by using add-ons that allow guests paid priority; a valuable blocking priority
  • Include your diverse hotel inventory, suites, corners, and even hotel outlets for the best

Marketing and Pricing

  • Great photography and descriptions are crucial elements of eStandby
  • Relevant pricing is the deciding factor for guest conversion online. The PRiME pricing engine also increases likelihood of conversion:
    • Ensure your eStandby pricing accurately reflects the hotel
    • Allowing a wide pricing range will allow a wide net for revenue



Timely and Engaged Awarding Pays Off

  • Award Rate and RRR (Revenue Realization Rate) are key indicators of eStandby success. By maximizing award rates (~60%) you also drive hotel revenue and guest satisfaction.
  • Accurate report metrics for further analysis are a byproduct of excellent engagement.
  • Revenue generation is directly tied to hotel awarding

Awarding Strategies

  • Award in Advance (3-5 days), especially for overbooked future arrival
  • Full Coverage Awarding: Don’t miss out on high potential revenue days due to lack of coverage.
  • Over-upgrading the eStandby guest for inventory that may have gone unsold is a great opportunity. Doing so allows movements for overbooked base





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