Increase Revenue, Optimize Inventory and Level up your Guest Satisfaction with Auto Awarding!

eStandby Auto Awarding Overview

Auto awarding uses real time inventory availability* to automatically award upgrades and post changes to the PMS. Auto awarding was developed to increase revenue, and to apply automation to the upgrading process to reduce the amount of time an Award Manager spends clearing the eStandby queue each day. 


  • Automatically award eStandby requests using real time inventory availability
  • Designated room types can be excluded from auto awarding
  • Set number of days prior to arrival to begin auto awarding


  •  Increase revenue by awarding more guest requests
  •  Save operational costs by reducing time needed to manage awarding
  •  Eliminate expired revenue, which will increase guest satisfaction

 By optimizing the eStandby awarding process with the use of Auto-Awarding, properties can achieve a 20%+ increase in awarded revenue and reduce daily administrative time by 75%+

 (based on a Nor1 internal review of 450 properties using eStandby).

 Core Functionalities of Auto Awarding

  • Property sets number of days prior to arrival when auto awarding is executed
  • Add-Ons can be awarded at 100% unless there are inventory constraints
  • Requests within three days of arrival will be award automatically if inventory is available
  • Manually awarded upgrades are not affected
  • Fixed charges/packages, room type changes, and comments are automatically inserted into the reservation record in the PMS
  • Non-Inventory Available requests will be auto denied on day of arrival.
  • Auto Award upgrade details are available in reporting

 How Does It Work?

Auto Awarding applies a revenue centric approach to maximizing the value of each guest request, to allow your property to honor as many guest requests as possible. 

  • Highest value upgrade requests are awarded first
  • “Recycle” freed-up inventories to award lower room types (+1 for booked room & -1 for consumed room)
  • If a guest has requested multiple room upgrades, the highest value room is awarded
  • eStandby suggests which guest requests should be auto awarded without manual intervention, but the Award Manager can expedite awarding by clicking on the ‘Smart Award’ button


How Do I Set Up Auto Awarding?

 *Auto-Awarding currently only works with properties with Opera PMS and the Nor1 OXI. Integrations with Sabre, LMS and Infor HMS are planned for future development.

 If your hotel has OXI 2 way integration, go to Upsell Action Center / Smart Award configuration and confirm its enabled (image below):


 Once enabled, Smart Award calculation will be visible in the Guest Oriented View:


 If you can’t see the information above or have any questions, please contact us at Nor1 Support



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