Increase Revenue, Optimize Inventory and Level up your Guest Satisfaction with Auto Awarding!

Auto awarding maximizes your guest's chances at receiving their upgrade request, while reducing operational overhead AND capturing revenue.

Auto awarding uses real time inventory availability* to automatically pre-fulfill upgrade requests and make the associated changes to the PMS.


  • Automatically pre-fulfill eStandby requests using real time inventory availability
  • Pre-awarding begins 3 days prior to arrival, for room categories with available inventory count.
  • Automatically denial of unavailable room upgrades requests on day of arrival
  • eStandby program policy stays intact - meaning guests are NOT notified of award status and hotel retains flexibility of deciding what to do with their hotel inventory until guest CheckIn.


  • Increase revenue by awarding more guest requests
  • Save operational costs by reducing time needed to manage awarding
  • Eliminate expired revenue, which will increase guest satisfaction

By optimizing the eStandby awarding process with the use of Auto-Awarding, properties can achieve a 20%+ increase in awarded revenue and reduce daily administrative time by 75%+.


Detailed Functionality of Auto Award

  • Turned off by default, Add-ons can be included for auto-award at 100% unless there are inventory constraints
  • Manually awarded upgrades are not affected
  • Fixed charges/packages, room type changes, and comments are automatically inserted into the reservation record in the PMS
  • Non-Inventory Available requests will be auto denied on day of arrival.
  • Auto Award upgrade details are available in reporting

How Does It Work?

Auto Awarding applies a revenue centric approach to maximizing the value of each guest request, to allow your property to honor as many guest requests as possible.

  • Highest value upgrade requests are awarded first.
  • “Recycle” freed-up inventories to award lower room types (+1 for booked room & -1 for consumed room).
  • If a guest has requested multiple room upgrades, the highest value room is awarded.
  • eStandby suggests which guest requests should be auto awarded without manual intervention, but the Award Manager can expedite awarding by clicking on the ‘Smart Award’ button.


How Do I Set Up Auto Awarding?

Auto-awarding is part of the default configuration and in many cases will already be active!

To ensure the functionality is on: If your hotel has OXI 2 way integration, go to Upsell Action Center / Smart Award configuration and confirm its enabled (image below):

The Smart Award calculation will be visible in the Guest Oriented View.

If you can’t see the information above or have any questions, please get in touch with us.



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