Increase Revenue, Optimize Inventory and Level up your Guest Satisfaction with Auto Awarding!


Auto Awarding- Increase Revenue, Optimize Inventory and Level up your Guest Satisfaction.

Feature Overview

Auto awarding uses real time inventory to automatically award upgrades and post these changes to the PMS. Auto awarding was developed to increase revenue and to reduce operational friction.  Auto Awarding reduces the amount of time a Program Manager spends clearing the queue each day.  Auto Awarding has been modeled using a top down approach to allow increased precision and optimal inventory utilization.


  • Automatically award eStandby requests using real time hotel’s inventory data
  • Allows you to exclude certain room types from being auto awarded
  • Set how many days in advance to begin awarding
  • Award more, including last minute requests


  •  Increase revenue by awarding more
  •  Enhance the stay of more guests
  •  Save Time by reducing operational friction
  •  Increase precision of your awarding
  •  Eliminate expired revenue

 By optimizing the eStandby awarding process with the use of Auto-Awarding properties can achieve a 20%+ increase of awarded revenue and reduce administrative time daily by over 75%*.

 *Overall Performance of “Shadowing” 450 properties

Shadowing is the process of applying a process or calculation to real guest transactions and data, but in a virtual environment.  Inventory wasn’t really impacted, and auto-awarding didn’t occur.  Shadowing is the closest proxy to real transactions that exists.

Core Functionalities of Auto Awarding

  • Property sets the number of days in advance that the AA is executed.
  • Add-Ons can be awarded at 100% unless constrain is required.
  • Last minute requests within 3 days of arrival will be considered & award automatically if available.
  • Upgrades awarded by Program Manager’s (before or after auto-award process) are honored. These awarding decisions won’t be overwritten.
  • Auto Awarding posts fixed charges/packages, changes room type and inserts comments to PMS.
  • Non-Inventory Available requests will be auto denied on day of arrival.
  • Smart Award (see details below)
  • Auto Award decisions reporting (Analysis Tab)

 *Auto-Awarding currently only works with OXI properties. Sabre, LMS and Infor (HMS) will work in the future.


Optimization Methodology of Auto Awarding

Auto Awarding applies a revenue centric approach to maximizing the value of each and every client request.  That is the fundamental objective with Auto Awarding, to honor as many guest requests as possible.


  •  Start Process from highest to lowest pending revenue requests.
  • “Recycle” freed-up inventories to award lower room types (+1 for booked room & -1 for consumed room)
  •  If multiple room upgrade requests, award the highest available room upgrade

Smart Award

This feature will show you in advance what upgrades we will be awarding through Auto Award.

Do you want to be the one taking the action? No problem! You can easily award your best revenue opportunities, by clicking on the Smart Award Button




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