February Nor1 Enhancements & Release Announcement

Nor1 is happy to present a few major enhancements for February. 

For eXpress enabled hotels

eXpress Upgrades visibility

  • Guest Oriented View will now support visibility by product. The default view will now have a drop-down indicating which product channel the guest request is originating from. 


  • A quick identifier also shows which product channel the guest request is originating from.


  • Example of the eXpress Upgrades Requested in Guest Oriented View



  • The revenue snapshot will also modify in real-time based on which product filter is selected.



  • A few notes about the eXpress upgrades which will display in the guest oriented view.

    • You will be able to retrieve the guest offer page that was presented upon time of request. 

    • eXpress upgrades are always in awarded status and cannot be modified. 


For Opera OXI enabled hotels

One-Click Clear Awarding Supported for Guest Oriented View

  1. Awarding/Denying will trigger 1-click-clear to send upgrade charges to the property
  2. Inventory counts for room upgrades to help award decision
    *Note - If there are multiple room codes for the same category we will send OXI message for the room code with highest number of available rooms. 

Failed charge reposting functionality enabled in eStandby

  • Once we trigger an upgrade message, we will check the RESULT status of the message, and if status is FAIL, we will reprocess and re-post the same charge again.
  • If the second message also returns with a FAILED status, we will continue to reprocess and re-post the same charge, yet again. 
  • Nor1 will re-post the charge message up to 5 times.
  • If after 1 original + 5 re-post messages OXI still sends back FAILED status, Nor1 will stop re-posting. 

Extended functionality of Red 'M' Reasons (Manual Awarding Required)

Current Possible Reasons:

  1. Unknown Res
  2. Partial Stay
  3. In-House
  4. Shared 


Failed messages from Opera will be present the Red 'M'. Possible reasons:

  • Departure Date is in the past
  • Resource Busy (the reservation is open in Opera)



Analysis (Reports)

  • Added Reporting Type to all reports
  • Manual Upgrade Report supported from GOV

For additional questions, training or support please reach out to your Nor1 account manager OR submit a ticket in the helpcenter (



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