Best Practices that will boost your Nor1 Revenue!

Are you ready to have a huge increase in your eStandby Upgrade Revenues? Here are 3 best practices that will help your property to succeed.

Make sure to take note and be ready for a big change!



Decide ahead of time and boost your Revenue!


Like anything in life, waiting to get things done at the last moment can make you feel stressed and reduce your availability to make good decisions, that doesn’t have to be your daily experience with eStandby Upgrade!!!


  • We highly recommend that your Revenue Management Team reviews the guest requests starting 3-5 days prior to arrival** in Nor1’s Upsell Action Center, this would free some operational time for your front desk team and also will ensure that extra revenue is not left on the table as expired revenue, while you increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Your front desk team will be in charge of reviewing the awarded request prior to, or on the day of, arrival.  They will honor all the requests awarded by the Revenue Management Team by updating the awarded reservations in your PMS and communicating the positive status of the request to the guest at check-in.

        **Properties on average award double the revenue by implementing the practice above.



Who waters your eStandby Upgrade money tree?


eStandby Upgrade can bring you great revenue opportunities and you want to make sure that these opportunities are taken. So, who should be in charge to action eStandby Upgrade requests?


  • For best results we highly recommend having the Revenue Management Team award the request on the Upsell Action Center in advance. (3-5 days) prior to the actual day of arrival and make decisions after reviewing the hotel room type availability on the PMS. The Revenue Management team must complete the awarding process before the end of the day prior to arrival.


  • The front office team should be responsible to communicate the status of the request to the guest at check-in and award any add-ons.


  • Designate more than one awarding manager, who will be responsible to review the Upsell Action Center on a daily basis and prevent expired guest’s requests. Having weekend, weekday, and holiday coverage will ensure that you take advantage of all guests’ requests and will help to prevent important last minute requests from being missed.   
  • If your hotel does not have the ability to have Revenue Management assist with the awarding process, another good option could be the reservations area.



High Season? Overwhelmed? No Time for eStandby? Let us help you!


We understand that your property is getting busier and busier and taking care of everything can be challenging, however you still want to make extra revenue and we are here to help!  

Revenue Management tactics for high demand periods:

  • Create add-ons to offer through eStandby. Can you offer Early Check-in? Late Check-out? A High floor? A view? F&B? If so, add-ons allow us to bring in additional revenue, even when you have no room upgrades that you can award.
  • If you need to set up special rates for a specific period of time, please submit a request in our Help Center


Operations best practices during high demand periods:

  • Make sure to add eStandby Upgrades to your checklist
  • Use Nor1 eStandby requests to balance the house ahead of time. For example: if you have an eStandby upgrade request for a premium room but it is unavailable, upgrade a guest FROM that premium room type into a higher room category, allowing you to backfill the premium room with an eStandby Upgrade request.
  • Block all eStandby suite requests first so the team does not have to give away premium rooms last minute.
  • DON’T let your eStandby Upgrade requests expire; award in advance. Guests are offering to give you money! Take it!






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