How can I adjust Nor1 Invoices?

We highly recommend you to reconcile your upgrade decisions in Upsell Manager and your PMS regularly or before the end of the month, that way you can manage and control what will be included in your Nor1 invoice. Keep in mind that invoice cycle allows 1 additional day after month-end to make any corrections to awarded bookings, and that invoices are emailed on the 2nd work day of the month.

You can use the data analysis in the portal to have more visibility about the status of the requests and compare the information in Upsell Manager vs your PMS.


You can select an specific period of time and view the report and print it or download it.


The information shown in the report will be as below. We recommend you to  pay attention to the column showing the booking status, but also to column showing the upgrade status, since a guest may have requested more than one upgrade but not awarded all of them.



Invoices can be reviewed and paid via the Customer Portal.  For access information or to request a credit memo, please contact 

Customer Portal provides: 

  • Make a payment via credit card
  • Review and print customer statement (outstanding balances)
  • Review and print invoice copies



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